Industrial customers

Industrial customers looking to recycle their scrap need look no further. Newco metals serves the industrial market in a number of ways.


Professionalism is the cornerstone of the Newco business model. All customers are treated in an honest, professional manner. Each of our management and staff adhere to strict ethical conduct in all business transactions. Back this up with a human-to-human interface, because at Newco machines handle our scrap, not our customers!


Based in the Indianapolis area, Newco does business locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. So wherever you are Newco can help. Newco provides pickup and delivery service as well as all types of trucking, containers, sorting, baling and other processing. Newco maintains analysis equipment on premise to insure proper grading of scrap so buyers know what they are purchasing.

Problem Solving

Newco prides itself in problem solving. If you have a scrap, handling, or shipping issue, call us and let us work through the details with you. You won't be disappointed. And if all this weren't enough, Newco can provide payment terms that can meet your needs.

In summary:

  • A person-to-person sales and purchasing staff; each with at least 15 years in the industry
  • Serving Indianapolis, the surrounding states and the world
  • Trucks and containers of all types
  • Prompt pick-up
  • ISO certified 9001/14001for quality and environmental management systems
  • Proper grading using sophisticated analysis equipment
  • Problem solving for all types of scrap, handling and shipment issues
  • Payment terms to meet your needs
  • Totally committed to professional and ethical business practices