about Newco


As a supplier and purchaser of nonferrous and ferrous metals, Newco Metals, Inc. has seen steady growth since its founding in 1986.  Newco Metals success is based on a proven 3 point foundation – Customers, Employees and Honesty. Newco Metals has always been a values based company.  To highlight our honesty in business, Newco maintains ISO certifications for quality 9001:2008 and environment 14001:2004. These certifications have organized and underscored the day-to-day operations for both employees and customers. You know what to expect doing business with Newco Metals


Our customers are our most important resource and it's one we like to recycle as many times as we can. New customers are always welcome but those that choose to do repeat business are extra special. When a customer calls Newco Metals one of our carefully trained representatives will answer, not a machine. We let our machines handle our scrap, not our customers. As a Newco Metals customer you will enjoy working with our knowledgeable staff who will create a customized detailed quote, arrange prompt pick-up or delivery and tailored payment terms. Regardless of your location, national or international you will feel right at home as a Newco Metals customer.


Newco Metals is a family owned business and everyone that works for Newco is part of that family. Newco Metals enjoys one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. This benefits our customers as they are served by a staff with longevity, experience and focused on doing what is right. So, if you have scrap, we want to talk to you and see if we can assist.